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WELCOME! (a few things about me)

Hey friends, welcome to my blog! I have seriously been talking about starting one for YEARS now and, well, here is my very first post (whooo)! Honestly, I just wanted a little space to share style ideas, thoughts, home inspiration, Mama things (that I will forever be learning and never know enough about!) and everything else in between.

For this first post I’m just going to keep it simple. A few ‘about me’ things and some photos to follow.

5 Things about me:

  1. My name is Angela Jayne Michell-Joseph, yes four (first) names. I just couldn’t bear to drop my maiden name Michell (it’s french & sounds like the female first name Michelle) when I got married so I hyphenated … and now it sounds like I’m listing off the names of my non-existent children.
  2. I’m married to my best friend who is a wonderful husband, Daddy, and a total BAMF when it comes to being an entrepreneur in the creative, branding, and video world. I could say a lot here but it’s better if I just show you in this link.
  3. I’m a new Mama to the sweetest little thing. Her name is Lanie (short for Elaine) named after my late Grandma who was a wonderful person with a very green thumb and a beautiful soul. I was fortunate enough to live with her during my college years. She taught me how to cook and I taught her how to live with a free spirit! 😉
  4. I’m a creative through and through. I have a BFA in Fiber Arts and Illustration from The College for Creative Studies in Detroit, MI. I’ve worked as a designer for large retail corporations here in Ohio… but got out after 4ish years because I just couldn’t balance my creativity, gut health, and doing that 9-5 grind. I now own a curated gift box company called Bequest Gifting Studio and do lots of freelance design and DIY projects to keep my creative juices flowing.
  5. I’m human, imperfect, not always grammatically correct, occasionally lose my temper, love flowers, dream about sweet potato fries, enjoy hosting in our newly renovated home, and saved by grace. I don’t pretend to know or have all of the answers. There are hopes, longings, and desires that I have deep in my heart. Some of those things I plan to share on this little piece of internet that I am claiming and some are for me to keep to myself. Thanks for being interested in what I have to offer, be it simple, silly, deep, helpful, beautiful, or confusing … we’re only on this Earth for a short time so thank you for reading this and following along, this is going to be a fun journey however it blossoms 🙂


Photography by Coley & Co.

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